Saturday, September 02, 2006

The world cup

I think that the World Cup is a very important event because a lot of diferent football teams represent their country.
Also,the world cup is business and there is a lot of corruptions,that is a disadvantaged,but there are many advantages,for example: a very good security,very good organization,the stadiums are vey luxurious.
In my opinion is a very good event and I like very much,because I really like football

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My description

My name is Maira, I am 16 years old, I live in Avellaneda with my father, my mother and my sister.I go to Matulaiti's school.
In my free time I like surfing on the net and listening music, my favourite singer is Ricardo Arjona. My favourite football team is Independiente, and my favourite football player is el "Kun Aguero".
That is all...




Dear Jenny:
Hello,how are you? I am fine and I am writing to tell you about my holidays in Santa Teresita,in my grandmother's house.
I went in january with my family and my friend Melisa,I went to the beach every day and the weather was fantastic!! It was sunny and hot,but one day was raining and I couldn't go to the beach.That day I stayed at home with Melisa and we played cards and listened music.
At nights I went to the discos with Melisa and I met many boys who are now my friends.
The place was vwry nice and there were many trees around the house. Did you go on holidays?
Anyway,it is all for the moment,but I promise I will write again soon.



Strange but true

One day Mary went to her sister's house,but the car broke down.She was walking for a long time,she was searching a person who helped he rbut she didn't find anybody.Then,she saw a woman who looked like a spirit and she was very frightened.She didn't move, she didn't talk, she was paralyzed.Suddenly,she saw other spirits and she started ....run very fast.She runs by the streets,she found her car and she felt desolation.She sat on the car and the car root out.She went to her sister's house and she told her ... the event.When she finished she saw that her sister looked like a spirit.